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Greetings and Hello!

Welcome to the new Sky Badgers Inc. Interweb HQ. Here you will find all the information you need to start your adventure with Sky Badgers Incorporated. On the War Room page you will find links to strategies, videos, and crew profiles. The Hangar has training videos for new and veteran crew alike. The Radio Room links directly to the Sky Badgers Inc. forums, where you can find all the latest and greatest in Sky Badger news and events.

Much of the information here is reserved for members of Sky Badgers Inc. To register, head over to the forums and fill out an application!

Member of the Month


Member of the month for

September 2013 is Barkis.

Barkis  is a top knotch

member of Sky Badgers Inc.

His preferred role is Gungineer

 (Rank 7). He is comfortable

on any ship you can throw his way.

His loadout for Engineer includes

the Buff Hammer, Shifting Spanner, and Chemical Spray.

Barkis comes to use from Sweden and he is quite the artist. Gracing the forums with a large portfolio of Fanart he has created based on fellow Badgers. He is adept at communication in the heat of battle and if you put him behind a mortor, the enemy better just run.

We salute you Barkis!

Latest News

Sky Badgers Incorporated   is a company of men and women who roam the skies of the war torn earth in Guns of Icarus Online. Established in 2013, Sky Badgers Inc. is comprised of people from across the globe. Employing some of the top pilots, gunners and engineers in the game, Sky Badgers Inc. seeks to rule the skies through skill, perseverance and good old fashioned privateering. 

Complete with training programs and advanced ship builds and tactics, Sky Badgers Inc. is equipped to turn even the greenest of greenhorn into a veteran in their field. 

While generally a laid back bunch, get on their bad side and you can rest assured there will be hell to pay.

                                                                                                                                                          -S.B.I. Records 0392

Latest News

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